worship explained

Why we do what we do in our liturgy

What are the clothes, colors, and seasons all about?

The beginning of the service brings us into God's presence and prepares us to hear God speak into our lives.

God speaks into our lives through His Word read and explained.

We respond to God's Word with the proclamation of our faith (Creed) and with the Prayers of the People.

The Confession, Absolution, and Offertory complete our response to God's Word and prepare us for Holy Communion.

What's going on with all the stuff on the altar?

What is the Eucharistic Prayer all about?

How are we supposed to receive Communion?

Strengthened by Communion, we are sent into the world to spread the gospel.

how to use the prayer book

How did we get the Prayer Book and how is it put together?

How to use the Calendar and Lectionaries to find important days and readings.

How to use the Daily Office (Morning & Evening Prayer) and Family Prayers

How to use the Great Litany and Litany of Penitence for spiritual growth